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The 5 Biggest Complaints Made About Business Websites From Users

The 5 Biggest Complaints Made About Business Websites From Users

If your website isn’t up to scratch then it’s highly likely that you’ll run into a few complaints along the way. Sometimes it’s something not to be worried about but you can be glad that people are willing to offer you feedback after-all the more feedback that you can get on your user experience can help you improve your site more. Becoming too arrogant or just ignoring the complaints about your business website in front of your face can be a major problem though.

Even something as one or two poorly negative reviews about your business can lead to a loss of revenue, when people search for your business or come across it by googling services online the first impression that they will have of your business is through your website if it’s not up to the high standards that many users have online today then your business will be seen as lower-rated compared to your other competition and undoubtedly lead to people leaving your website.

It’s important to be aware of the problems that you may have on your website, it can be hard to know what complaints people may have about your site especially if you aren’t actively seeking feedback, you’ll only notice through checking your analytics that you maybe aren’t converting users on your site as well as you’d hope to. 

That’s why we’ve written this article today, as website designers we’ve created many business websites and through trial plus error over time and asked users what they don’t like. We’ve managed to put together the five biggest complaints when it comes to business websites.

Website Speed Is Too Slow

The world is so full of content and other options, that it’s very rare that you’ll find users who will wait more than two seconds for a website to load. Sometimes it is not your fault if someone is experiencing slow loading times for websites on their desktop & mobile as they might have a slow internet connection but we can see how quick our website is through testing.

Using tools such as PageSpeed Insights by Google you’ll be able to see how quickly your website is on multiple devices, if it is currently showing that your website needs improvement it will be able to tell you what aspects of your site are currently letting you down so that you can work on them. One of the biggest reasons people leave a site is due to the slow loading time speeds and it can be easily avoided with regular testing and work.

Outdated Design

Still, got a website dating all the way back from 2017? It may be time for a change, a lot of users today who browse online are internet-savvy even your average middle-aged mum who you don’t think knows anything about the internet can sense if a website design is outdated. As time goes on, it’s crucial that as a business you adapt and grow and that means keeping your website up to date with the times.

Revamping your site and taking it to another level can help boost your business, a great way that you can update your website while focusing on running your business is through a web designer who will be able to create a website that is tailored to your business while creating a website that is more 2022 than 2017.

Can’t Find Or Read Important Information

It’s important that visitors to your website are able to find what they are looking for. Now there are a few reasons why they are possibly struggling to discover what they are searching for such as the font size may be too small so they can’t read it, your layout might be messy and confusing or your background colours & fonts might clash leading to an aesthetic disaster.

It’s very unlikely that visitors will take time out to try harder to digest the content on your website if it’s a struggle, they will most likely leave to visit another website that can provide them with the content & services they are searching for. 

Visit your site currently and put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, are you able to fully read and understand your content? If you are still struggling to see where you may be failing then forward your site to close family and friends and ask them for honest feedback on what they don’t like. We have to admit that sometimes we can be blinded by bias that doesn’t allow us to see the faults in our website so it’s best to ask others.

Doesn’t Work On Mobile

So many people today are searching Google and other search engines through their mobile devices to the point where now half of the traffic that is currently one is on mobile devices and it’s no wonder mobiles are so advanced now and it’s very easy to digest content through them people would be lost if they didn’t have mobile devices.

If people are on the move or in a hurry to find a service they aren’t going to load up their laptop or desktop but get their mobile out instead to do a quick Google search, if your website doesn’t work and isn’t responsive then they are going to exit your website to find a site that works for them. Do not lose half of your audience by ignoring mobile users, take some time out now to see if your website works fully on mobile if not then it might be time to redesign your website.

No Or Hard To Find Contact Information

It shouldn’t be hard for visitors to your website to contact you, that’s just a fact. There some be multiple points of contact available on your website from an email address, phone number, quote forms and live chats. Creating an easy point of contact between you and any potential prospects will create a simpler customer journey meaning you’ll be able to close more which only means more revenue for your business.

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