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How Can Good Web Design Improve My Wirral Business

How Can Good Web Design Improve My Wirral Business

One great way of getting more new leads and clients for your Wirral business is having good web design done by a professional. A website that’s easy on the eye and full of information + social proof is essential when it comes to running a business in a digitally dominated time like today.

When you look for a service, it’s most common that the first thing you go-to is the Google search bar so it’s very important that you have a website in place for people to visit when they are searching for what service you provide to people.

It’s key to make a good first impression with any new visitors. You want to draw attention and interest for your business so you can nurture life-long clients across Merseyside.

You can’t always rely on social media accounts or if you are just running through referrals and word of mouth. While both when done correctly work brilliantly, your business can only grow so far through that, you will begin to start having to look through different channels to get your business infront of peoples eyes and having a website online that’s visible 24/7 for people to visit.

If your website isn’t up-to the standards or above of the rest of your competitors, you run a massive risk of getting left behind by your competition which nobody wants to happen. Web Design is vital to improving your business in the Wirral.

To learn more about how web design can help your small Wirral business or if you run a large business with lots of staff members, we’ve put together an article on how good website design improves your business today.

What Is Web Design?

Before we start on the great benefits to website design then we’ve got to know about it. Web design creates the overall look on your website and how the user experiences scrolling through it. It’s a process which covers a lot of things such as planning out the structure of your site, then building out the layout you’ve chosen, inserting images & icons, choosing what font that represents your business and many more.

Website design has a range of parts that glue together to create a website for your business from making sure all content is SEO friendly which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, this helps your website rank and stay on Google to User Experience Design that designs a system for users accessing your website.

Outsourcing your website design to a professional that can help cover all these parts can save you a lot of time, money in the long run and even bring you thousands in investment over the years. 

There’s a lot we can go over about Web Design as there are lot of parts that make it up what it is but to summarize, it’s designing a website that works perfectly on desktop plus mobile devices, looks good when your on it, graphics fit the website plus your all fonts and colour go with your business.

So how can it improve our business?

Makes You Search Engine Friendly On Google

Like we said before, it’s very rare nowadays that people are finding a service through a directory book inside their house. People are now using Google search bar as their trusted partner when it comes to anything from a scalp micropigmentation artist to a tradesman. People make their decision based on reviews that are left on Google and how high they are on the search.

There are many tricks that you can do that can boost you up the Google search bar, using these inside your website design for your business will get you more visibility for people on the Wirral.

You can really begin to take advantage of the hundreds of potential leads that you may have not reached by investing in your SEO for your website.

People Can Contact You Easier

If you are running a business, you want to create the easiest client and customer experience possible. The easier the experience is for your client while making it a good experience when you are dealing with them can only mean positive feedback back for you which will then lead up to even more custom for your business!

Web design can create several easy points of contact for your business such as live chats to speak to people on your website, call buttons that people can press to instantly ring on their iPhone and you can create quote forms that people can fill out on your website so you can get a great idea on what they are looking for so you can respond back with the perfect response and price.

Fast Website Speed

Focusing on good website design for your business means you will have a website that is fast and will load instantly when people click on it. The slower your website loads gives a bad impression to any potential clients that want to do business with you.

Think of it as if you were a restaurant, if a service is slow to deliver food to people ordering, people will begin to leave bad reviews and it will lead to fewer people from ever entering.

That’s the same with slow websites, it will affect your google search ranking cause it knows if your website is not responsive leading to lower traffic meaning you will lose business. If you also have your websites linked to your social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram, if people are wanting to find more information by clicking on your website on your bio and the speed is very slow when loading. 

They are instantly going to click off your website and it will leave a bad impression on them moving forward.

There’s many different factors that can cause your website speed to be slow, whether that’d be the page weight or your hosting service. Looking into making sure your website speed when focusing on your website design will only lead to a higher conversion rate.

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