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How To Easily Measure Your Website Effectiveness With These 8 Tips

How To Easily Measure Your Website Effectiveness

So your website has launched and it’s currently online for the world to see, congratulations to you on taking the first needed step in order to take on the online world but once your website is live then we want to see how it’s doing on a daily basis and it’s effectiveness after all you can make a beautiful website but if it’s not effective then you or your business could be leaving some serious money on the table.

There are different types of websites that you may come across online so there are obviously metrics in measuring the effectiveness may differ from whatever you are trying to accomplish your website but there are common metrics that us as web designers will monitor when seeing the effectiveness of sites that we have created for our clients.

So what exactly are we looking for when to measure your website effectiveness?

Current Traffic

When you have created your website make sure that you are hooking up your site to analytic sites such as Google Analytics which will be able to tell you how many impressions your pages are getting on your website plus how many people are actually clicking and visiting the pages on your website.

Tracking this metric, you will be able to see how effective your current marketing is doing plus which pages on your website are most popular with users.

Average Time On Website

This is a great indicator to see how people are engaging with your website. This metric can vary between what the end goal of your website is for e.g. if you are currently running a business service and your goal is for people to call your business such as an emergency plumber then the average time on your site may be quite low as people aren’t looking to browse around your website but quickly get your services.

Depending if you are wanting users to spend time on your site or get them through a process quickly, checking the average time will help you gauge whether there are problems with content on your site.

Conversion Rates

Conversions on a website can range from a number of things such as call button, quote form sign ups, email signs up and product purchases. Since every website has different goals then it’s key that you decide beforehand what is your end goal with your website conversions.

If your conversion rates are low but your traffic is quite high then there may be a problem with the content of your website which could be a number of reasons – lack of trust from the website, no call-to-actions or a poorly designed website.

Current Keywords Ranking

If you aren’t familiar with what keywords are on a website, it is words added to content for Google to recognise for when people search. Being able to track the keywords you are currently ranking for will be able to show you where your website is currently thriving on the rankings, the higher you are ranked for the keywords the more chance you will be driving more traffic to your website.

Website Speed

For website effectiveness, your website needs to be fast. When people click on your site it should load quickly or instantly, people have so much options when it comes to content online and they won’t wait for your site to load. It can’t be slow, by being slow you are losing users before they enter the site and if by some miracle they actually wait for it to load, there is a high chance they’ll exit anyway when trying to browse to the next page of your site.

There is website speed checkers such as GTMetrix that will be able to tell you how quick your website currently is with a ranking and where you will need to improve to get a higher ranking.

Good Website Design

It’s highly important when people visit your site that they won’t be greeted to something that hideous. A website has been known to be the ‘face of your business’ in the online world and unfortunately people will judge a book by it’s cover, well in this case a website but if you are running a business website and your website is poorly designed, users will automatically assume that you aren’t a serious business.

A quick and most effective way that your website won’t be poorly designed is reaching out to a professional web design agency who will be able to create you a high-quality website that is tailored to your business.

Website Usability

Creating a great user experience for people visiting your website will make sure that the effectiveness of your website is high. This means not only creating a website that works great on desktops but that it also works perfectly on mobiles and tablets as many users that are currently browsing for websites online are searching via their mobile.

Google also recently have started to favour websites that are more mobile friendly then others so focusing on usability for everyone will not only help the effectiveness of your website but it will also help you get further up the rankings on search engines.

We’ve written an article that can help you increase the user experience on your website if you are struggling with what exactly UX is.

Bounce Rate

People visiting your website are only valuable if they actually decide to stay on your website and convert. A bounce rate is measured by users who leave your website after visiting one page. Having a low bounce rate with users meaning they aren’t engaging with the current content on your website or that they don’t like the current design of your website.

There is some cases where some pages might have a high bounce rate such as a help page where people will have all the information they need through that page that isn’t the end of the world but it’s best if the bounce rate on your website remains low for it to stay effective.

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