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Web Design 2023 Trends To Look Out For

Web Design 2023 Trends To Look Out For

With 2023 just around the corner, it has been a year jam-packed full of web design trends. One of the most important things you should be focusing on is not blindly following trends for the sake of it but you should be fully aware of what is currently popular at the present time. Being highly experienced in the web design industry, you can start to predict what is around the corner and what web design 2023 trends you should look out for.

Technology evolves at a fast pace and even more in recent times and website design is no stranger to evolution. You may have come across websites with design elements that are worn out or noticed a site that is severely outdated as they haven’t kept up with recent times. The last thing that we want to happen on our website is a user leaving due to you not being at the high industry standard of web design currently. 

Lucky for you, our web design agency keeps up with the latest news and trends from the web industry. We’ve put together this article to predict the main web design 2023 trends to look out for.

Website Chatbots

We have noticed more and more websites start to use chatbots on their website, you might have noticed when entering a website, you are greeted by a bubble which gives you the option to speak to a chatbot. This is a feature that has started to gain popularity in the last 2 years and we don’t expect the trend to die down mainly thanks to AI technology constantly evolving, we are starting to see AI hold perfect conversations with people. Do not be surprised if chatbots start to become normal when you enter a website to help answer any questions or customer queries as it is a quick and easy way for someone to get answers.

Interactive Content

One of the best ways that we can improve our user experience and customer journey is by learning from people that enter our website. We’ve noticed a high trend of websites using interactive feedback forms that allow people to leave thoughts and any feedback on how they couple improve or if they’ve had a pleasant experience on the website.

This is another positive way to show that you care about your user experience and ultimately will lead to a much better website design as you know what works and what doesn’t. Users are not forced to leave their feedback with these features but the choice is there. Not only can you place feedback forms but you are also able to produce polls for people to vote on. This type of interactive content is popular amongst users as they enjoy being able to voice their opinion.

Virtual Reality

You will start to come across many more websites incorporating virtual reality for their users. Imagine being able to see what furniture looks like in your home before you buy it or touring a hotel room before you book. This helps educate the user more and ultimately leads them to make smarter decisions and they will associate your business with a first-class user experience.

When we think of virtual reality, we quickly associate it with video games and while that is useful for some people. This type of technology can be seriously useful for websites and serve as a powerful tool that can help your website visitors.

Small Animations

You may have heard the term ‘micro animations’ or ‘small animations.’ A lot of website designers are starting to add small animations to the website to elevate the website’s overall design. When these micro animations are done correctly, they can be extremely helpful to the user e.g. if you are a fashion brand, you can showcase a model wearing your clothes while doing a brief walk or spin. Not only are they helpful but they are also fun and give your website a lot more personality.

These types of animations have gained a lot of popularity in 2022 so we are predicting that there will be a massive increase in people adding this to their websites.

Mobile Responsive Focused

A lot of traffic comes from mobile users and I mean a lot, over 50% of the traffic online will come from people using their mobile. There was once a time when you could potentially get away with having a few faults on your website when browsing on a mobile but now you stand no chance of having success if your website isn’t fully mobile responsive.

In the last few years, this has not been a trend but a standard in website design. Due to the massive rise in mobile users, web designers are finding more ways and techniques that relate to mobile users. That’s why you should keep an eye out for any potential mobile web design trends that will help boost your user experience and increase conversions on your website.


Accessibility and inclusivity are more than a website design trend. There is now more of a demand for website designers to create sites that can be accessed by those with disabilities. Creating a website that is accessible to all is super important as you aren’t neglecting your audience and people who may be interested in your services or content. Having a fully functioning site with accessibility will only increase your conversions and your customer support reputation.

Final Thoughts

Website design trends can come and go whereas some will stay around for years and years to come. It’s always important that as a website designer you understand the current world of website design and what people are finding success with in order to create powerful websites.

Here at The Wolf Of The Web we create attractive websites for businesses that are fully responsive across all devices and most importantly built for business as we focus heavily on a conversion-based website to drive more calls, leads and sales to increase your revenue.

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