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What Is The Purpose Of A Website

What Is The Purpose Of A Website

Websites are able to be designed in a number of different ways that benefit the owner of the website. Some websites often have multiple purposes that can help them with different types of goals but most of them just have a singular purpose. When creating a website or discussing your project with a web designer, you should always have a goal in mind for what you want your website to achieve when launched whether it’d be looking to capture leads, sell products or more. 

We’ve written this article for those today who are looking to gain more knowledge on the subject of what is the purpose behind a website – if you are looking to get your business online with a high-quality website, look no further than the experts here at The Wolf Of The Web to help get your business online today.

As stated previously in the article, there are many different purposes that you can find when browsing through websites online but there are highly common ones that you will use on a daily basis.

Blog / News Content

A weblog or as it’s known most commonly as a ‘blog’ is a website that is created in order to upload content whether it’d be for personal commentary, business, informative content, news and more. Many blog websites created are able to generate revenue through advertisement and affiliate links and they are interactive for users online as individuals are able to leave comments and share the posts to various social media outlets.

Blogs were first started as a way for individuals to have an online journal and post their thoughts but as years have passed many blogs evolved in too more advanced websites that can benefit businesses – an example is news companies post daily articles for subscribers as a way to battle against the decline of newspapers.

Business Service

Regardless if you are a small business or a large multinational business, it is very important that you have an online presence and the best way that you are able to showcase your business with the services that you provide is by having a website online that people can find. Through having a website, you are able to go into detail about the services that you provide with testimonials from those you have helped with whatever services your business provides.

There are many different ways you are able to sell your services online – through websites you are able to capture leads through booking forms or you can place call buttons that allow people to contact you. However you are planning to sell your services, a website is a brilliant way that you are able to build authority in your business sector through having high authority you are able to gain a trustworthy image.

Sell Products

eCommerce is a powerhouse that has no signs of slowing down, many more people are ordering products online instead of going to the high street, there are a variety of reasons why people prefer ordering online as many people state that it is easier to order products online as they can quickly find what they are looking for instead of investing time walking round hoping to find the product that you need. 

There are many different eCommerce platforms that you are able to create a website on to sell products, some are more popular than others that you might have seen which include Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce and more. These platforms all hold different types of benefits that you will have to look through to decide which one is best for your business before you create a website.

Social Media

When you think of the internet and websites, the most commonly visited websites that get the most engagement from people across the world are social media as they allow people to successfully connect with each other no matter where they are in the world. Some of the most common and popular social websites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Social media was first intended for people to connect with each other but it has now been found to be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Businesses are starting to find a lot of success through social media as they can easily connect with audiences and build a direct connection between themselves and individuals through which they can get feedback on their business or just create a dialogue allowing them to showcase their personality.

Social media is used by individuals and businesses in order to share information related to them whether you are sharing good news or recent updates one of the best ways you are able to share this information with people is they are able to reshare, comment and like your posts. We are making our way into a more highly digital world and social media is finding the most success as people are naturally drawn to socialise.


Back in the day, people got their entertainment through televisions or magazines but nowadays people get their entertainment through websites. Thanks to websites, you are able to watch various movies, series and documentaries. There are different forms of entertainment you can showcase on a website that just isn’t videos as a highly popular entertainment 9GAG allows people to share images for people to enjoy.


Websites are chameleons, they can shift and adapt depending on what you need them to be. Whether you are a business that sells services looking to capture more leads of people who are interested, posting daily informative news on a subject you are interested or selling products that you’ve created yourself then you should look into investing in a website which allows you to successfully fulfil your purpose.

No matter what website you are looking to take online, here at The Wolf Of The Web we are expert web designers that have designed and developed hundreds of websites across all sectors and we are able to design the ideal website for whatever your purpose may be – get in touch with us today to get started!

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