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Why It’s Important To Have A Website As A Tradesman 

Why It’s Important To Have A Website As A Tradesman

If you are a tradesman running a business, it’s key that you have a website for potential clients to search through to help show them what services you offer, portfolio pictures of your work and most importantly a way to contact you.

Whether you’re a one-man plumber company or you have a team full of builders, you can’t be forever relying on a social media presence to get your leads. Make sure you are reaching any potential customers through different channels and a well designed website can help get you seen on Google and bring in more leads for you.

Gone are the days of people reaching for their yellow pages to look through to find a trusty tradesmen to ring but people are now using Google as their trusted partner when searching for a service.

Referrals and word of mouth are a great way to keep drumming up business but it can only get you so far especially if you are trying to grow your business to new heights. A lot of tradesmen are ignoring the power and visibility a website can bring their company and due to this they are sadly missing out on potential lifelong clients.

We understand that if you are running your business that it’s hard to also create a website on the side, especially if you’ve had no experience in web design. That’s why many tradesmen reach out to specialists in creating tradesmen website design while you focus on doing what you do best running your business.

We’ve put together an article on why it’s important to have a website as a tradesman.

Gives A First Impression About Your Business

A website is often known as the online face of your business, this is the first impression between you and potential clients interested in your service. Having a poorly designed website can leave a bad impression on your business and put people off contacting you which nobody wants to see.

Having a professional website for your tradesmen business can help leave a good-lasting impression on anyone viewing your website and increase calls leading to increased revenue for your business.

When you have created a website you can register your business under Google MyBusiness which gives potential clients another impression of your business as you can showcase reviews, your services and your website.

24/7 Visibility

A great positive on having a website as a tradesman is that your website is open 24/7, meaning anyone can search and look through your services. This is perfect for any tradesman who offers a 24/7 service for people as they will always have a point of contact when needed.

If you have no website, there’s a massive chance you will get calls having to explain your services and taking a call in the middle of the night to deeply explain your services is something that nobody wants. Having a website explaining your services can take some pressure off you and convert more leads.

Showcase Your Work And Reviews

Proud of your work and the service you provide? It’s only right that you show off the work you’ve produced for any clients and positive feedback you’ve received. Having work and reviews available to anyone online can build up your reputation and give you social proof.

Trusting someone on building a large job or working inside someone’s home is a big commitment, people want to know what the quality of your work is like and people’s experience when working with you.

Having a website is the perfect place to place your portfolio of work and reviews you’ve gained over the years so people can get the best opinion on your business!

People Will Try Search You On Google

If you are only running your presence through social media, to get a heightened perspective on your business and how it’s run, they will take to the Google search bar and search your company.

If you aren’t showing on Google due to not having a website, it can be very off putting to any potential customers. Don’t put off having a website, avoiding this could lead to competition getting the upper hand on you as if you aren’t being seen on search, they will 100% search another company who has a website.

Creates A Point Of Contact

When creating a website, you will have all your contact details for potential clients to contact you on. You can create quote forms to get a better idea of what people are after, call buttons for people to instantly contact you and you can even have a WhatsApp chat for people to message you.

Having such a quick point of contact for people to use can help you convert more leads.

It’s Cost-Effective

Now you might of heard that a well designed website costs a bomb and won’t be worth the price but what if I told you that’s a complete myth. While some website design builders have so many hidden fees such as Wix and GoDaddy etc. If you contact a web design company such as The Wolf Of The Web.

We create a five-page website for your tradesman business for £500 with free hosting for a year and then after the year it’s only a one-time fee of £50!

Over the years, you should easily make back your investment and the best thing is your website doesn’t move anywhere and you’ll forever own the website. 

Having such a quick point of contact for people to use can help you convert more leads.


In today’s time it’s crucial for any tradesman running a business for them to have an online presence, we are in a time where everything is very digitally dominated and if you aren’t changing with the times you could be soon left behind but companies that are investing in today’s time.

A permanent website designed by a professional that’s available for any potential clients 24/7 is a solid investment for your business and should be looked at if you aren’t currently online with your business.

Riley Williams

Riley Williams is the creative force behind The Wolf Of The Web! With over 100+ websites built across diverse sectors. I believe in crafting eye-catching websites that not only look amazing but also generate more calls, leads, and sales for your business.