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The Five Must Have Pages You Should Have On Your Business Website

The Five Must Have Pages You Should Have On Your Business Website

A website is one of your businesses biggest channels when it comes to generating your revenue and producing new clients or customers. If you don’t currently have a website for your business, you are potentially leaving a lot of the money on the table plus there is a high chance you will be left in the dust by your competitors.

Whatever business sector you are in, whether you are a teeth whitening company or a bricklayer, every business website must have these five pages on their website to be successful. Your website should do a range of things such as telling people about your business, what services you offer and a point of contact if they wish to reach out to you. 

Websites offer small & large businesses the chance to showcase a lot of information in a place that’s easily accessible plus they can quickly digest it in a way that benefits them. Being a website design agency, we offer a five-page web design package for businesses involving these pages and it’s a great start for any aspiring business wishing to establish their online presence.

We’ve written this article to help any business or aspiring website designer who is looking to learn more about what pages can help drive success to their website. These are the five must-have pages you should have on your business website.


To start it off, we will begin with the most obvious that you probably already thought of. The homepage on your website will most likely be what visitors will land on first. Being the first thing that users will normally visit, there are certain elements and aspects that we will have to create to make it a good experience. This part of the website should include who & what your business is, what products or services that you offer, reviews of people who have done business with you, call-to-actions and many more. 

Your homepage should have several internal links to other pages or posts on your website if they wish to navigate through and learn more about your business. A lot of the success of your homepage will come down to its core layout and design, if you create a design that looks attractive while your layout being easy to scroll through plus engaging then it’s likely you’ll find success in your homepage.


People love to hear more about how a business was created or how it operates and its overall mission when it comes to their services. Having an about us page allows you to tell your story to users on your website. This page can help build up a relationship before you’ve even been contacted due to them already knowing about your business.

Certain things can be included on this website such as the story about your business, personal images of the founder and team, location of office, awards & achievements and many more. This way you can start to have a connection with the users on your site plus you can enter some humble brags in there to solidify your authority in your business sector!

Services / Products

Depending on if you are an eCommerce store that sells products or have a business website that relies on quote forms or call buttons to do business. You are going to 100% need a services or products page of what you offer to the public. 

Services can help get more in depth about how you can help potential users and talk about the process in how it’s done to give them more information which can make them feel more at ease before reaching out to you. You add images to help boost your page to the next level by showing the user the quality of your work or past work you’ve done to build credibility and social proof.


If you are a small business then it’s absolutely crucial that you are publishing daily content to your website. We’ve written a recent article on all the benefits that you will get from having a blog on your website. Not only is it completely free to publish daily blogs on your website, it can help drive traffic to your site overtime as blog posts are forever up on the search engine for people to look at. 

It can also really help boost your SEO campaigns as the more you post about answering most asked questions or topics in your business sector. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing will see you as an authority in your sector so they will start to favor your business and potentially show you more.

Providing users with free value can also help boost your revenue as people will feel more inclined to do business with you as they will see you as knowledgeable so it will portray your business as trustworthy. Not only can you post daily blogs that help drive traffic & raise your SEO but you can post articles about your business if needed e.g. if your business is sponsoring an event then you can explain more how you are helping.

Contact Us

All business websites should have a contact us page, it gives the user information on all the ways they are able to contact you e.g. address, phone number, form to fill out, live chat and many more. 

If people have enjoyed your website or are looking quickly for someone for a service then it’s a no-brainer having a place where they can see your contact information for them to reach out to you as one of the biggest things a business website should do is drive you new leads & revenue. 


These five pages are the absolute bench-mark when it comes to creating business website but they should still be professionally organized & designed by someone with experience in creating websites for businesses such as The Wolf The Web, we’ve got many affordable web design packages available for business owners that can help them get online and start increasing their calls, leads and sales today.

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