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4 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website

4 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website

Undoubtedly, the best place to create a website is through the powerful CMS WordPress. Gone are the days when WordPress was just used for blogging but thanks to its evergrowing technology and functionality, we are able to design & develop high-quality websites with many cool features.

One of the best features WordPress has to offer is the amazing range of plugins available that can create and improve your website level. With so many choices, it can be difficult to know which are the ‘best’ but ones that are actually super beneficial and therefore labelled as a ‘must-have’ for your business website.

As WordPress web designers, there are many different plugins that we use on a regular basis for our website design but there are a few that have become a staple on our website as they help us make the ideal website for our happy clients. We’ve put together this article today to showcase the five must-have plugins you should have for your WordPress website.

There are no affiliate links through this post as this is purely a recommendation of great WordPress plugins that we use on a daily basis and hope to help any inspiring web designers or business owners looking to create a website through WordPress.


Elementor is far and away the best and leading website builder for WordPress users. It allows a web designer to create original pages and posts compared to standard WordPress themes. It doesn’t require people to have any coding skills due to its handy user interface but you are able to use your coding skills through Elementor if needed. Elementor gives you the option to look at your design on desktop, mobile and tablet before you publish meaning you are able to design a fully-responsive website.

Elementor is used by over four million WordPress users now so as you might know, it really is a game changer when it comes to website design. It is free for users but there is a pro version if you wish to upgrade which offers premium templates that you can use for your website, pro plugins and many more. To use Elementor you must install the ‘Hello’ theme which you can find in the Themes section of your WordPress dashboard and once you have created a page there should be a template section where you can choose ‘Elementor Full Width’ to start editing your page through Elementor.

There are many amazing designs that you can create through Elementor and it really depends on the creativity and execution that you can do. We have had lots of experience through Elementor and have built wonderful sites for businesses across all sectors due to its advanced customisation options.

If you want to start building a professional-looking website that looks modern and works across all devices then we’d recommend installing Elementor for your WordPress website.

Rank Math SEO

WordPress is an amazing CMS and one of the biggest reasons why is that it is SEO-friendly. For those who aren’t sure what SEO is, it means Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines today are such powerful tools, having the best chance of showing up when people are searching your services, blogs, business and more is crucial in getting organic traffic on a daily basis with people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

That means that you have to optimise your website correctly for SEO in order to have a better chance at ranking. We use Rank Math SEO as it helps even beginners to fully enhance their content, pages and more thanks to all the features.

Through Rank Math, you can optimise your meta titles and meta description easily. RankMath is free to install and it has a wide range of features that you are able to use but there is a premium option if you want to upgrade where there are a few more additional features to make your life easier.


One of the features that should always be on a website is a contact form or some kind of form that helps the user such as a quote form. WPForms is the most popular form builder on WordPress and that is because it’s an extremely simple form builder through a visual drag and drop.

You can add and remove fields with just a single click and you can easily rearrange the fields by dragging them to the chosen place. There are many already-built templates that you can choose from or you have the option to build a blank form for a more tailored form for your website.

Once created, you can embed or via Elementor you can enter your form on your website for your users! Using forms for your website can save you a lot of time as users are able to reach out with specific needs with their details in order for easy contact.


Website speed is super crucial when it comes to the success of your website. Nobody wants to wait for a slow-loading website as they will undoubtedly leave for a quicker website that can give them what they desire. 

WPRocket is a premium caching plugin that has many performance optimization features. It will increase the pages on your website, improve core web vitals and overall make a much better user experience for people. Website speed is important for search engine ranking aswell and it has been found that Google tends to favour websites that have loading speeds.


There are many different plugins that you can find on WordPress all serving a hundred different purposes so we recommend that you always try and test new ones to see if they can benefit your website these four plugins should take your website to the next level.

Through our experience in creating WordPress websites for our clients, we have been known to be experts in the ins and outs. If you are looking for professional WordPress web design services then look no further than The Wolf Of The Web which can design & develop powerful websites for your business on the popular CMS today.

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