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5 Important Questions To Ask Your Website Designer

Important Questions To Ask Your Website Designer

If you have hired a web design agency to create a website for your business, congrats you have saved yourself a massive amount of time that you can focus on running your business doing what you are good at and hiring web designers means you’ll get a fully functioning beautiful website that will generate you revenue.

It’s important though when working with a web design agency that during the selection process of hiring one that’s best to design your website, you need to ask the right questions. Asking the right questions can give you a better understanding of how they work, what their process is to get to the final result and you can gauge if they are going to be enjoyable to work with after all someone can create the best looking website but if they are going to put a strain on your mental health then is it really worth it?

When asking these questions, you will start to build up more confidence in going forward and start to build up a better understanding how website design works plus the ways it will benefit your business having a website.

It can be in best practice to search for ‘web designers near me’ as it’s much easier to work with a local business as you can create a rapport easier, you are working in the same timezone and even meet face-to-face if you wish to. Hiring a web designer not in your nationality can create several problems like the content on your website might be poorly written which can majorly affect conversions on your site.

It goes without saying that it’s always best to talk to your web designer beforehand, schedule a time to call when is best for both parties or arrange to meet in a place like your office, their office or a mutual place like a cafe.

How Long Will It Take To Create My Website?

A web designer will be able to give you a timeframe on when your business website should be complete and live. They will be able to predict a timeframe based on a number of things such as the amount of pages they want creating, how much content will be on the pages and much more.

If the timeline they are saying to you fits your situation then it’s perfect. You must take in the fact that their can always be the odd unexpected change or error that can happen as you must remember that even web designers are human but make sure to hire a web designer that has clear communication and if they send a contract beforehand read it as some charge late fees if the project starts to go over the deadline! (Avoid these type of web design companies.)

What Do I Need To Send You?

Many web designers will say to you beforehand everything they need to get started but this is a great question to ask as they can explain to you everything they need to get going before creating the website. Most will have a checklist that they send to companies so they can easily remember what they need.

The most common things you need to send is your companies logo, any photography that showcases your business and any content that you would like to be included. Web design agencies will take of your website content so you won’t need to worry much on that front.

Do You Have A Portfolio Of Past Work?

A lot of web designers will already have examples of past work they’ve done for businesses over time so make sure when you are browsing on their website that you are checking out their work. You will start to get a feel on the quality of designs that they produce for businesses.

Some web design agencies will only use a select few of past work on their website so if you feel that you haven’t seen enough then ask if they have a bigger portfolio that you can see. It’s best to pick a web design agency that already has experience in creating websites for your niche e.g. if you are a tradesman you can find a web design specialist in creating tradesman websites.

What Will My Website Run On?

Finding out what CMS your site has been created on is important. Content management system or as it’s known in short CMS is what you can create websites on, you can find that some agencies create coded website but it’s highly unlikely in todays age as coded websites come with many faults, take too long to repair and many more…

One of the most CMS that people use is WordPress. It’s important to know what they are using especially if you are planning to create content on it and do personal maintenance on your website after it’s launch.

How Many Pages Will My Website Have?

Small businesses who don’t currently have an online presence only need a five-page foundation to begin with. These five pages are normally the homepage, about, services, blog/portfolio and contact page.

There are some successful businesses that rank on top of Google that only have one-page when written and designed correctly it is possible that you can generate revenue through a one-page website.

Web designers before they start your page will create a sitemap which gives them an idea on the hierarchy of your site, having a clear picture in their mind about how their website is going to work and make the user experience better which is always a bonus for your business.

If you are unsure about how many pages you feel your website will need to be successful, ask your web designer as a good web designer will work out & research your competitors to see how their website functions. Researching competitors can be a good way to find how many pages and amount of written content is needed to rank in your sector once researched you can take their business up another level through web design.

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