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Five Top Tips To Take Your Web Design To The Next Level

Top Tips To Take Your Web Design To The Next Level

People entering your website can make their mind up about your business within seconds by how good the web design is. Is the design of your website modern & easy on the eye? Can you easily navigate through the page? Is the content readable and well put together?

Like a puzzle, web design has many parts that need to be put together to be fully complete for it to work. If you’ve found yourself answering no to any of those questions, then you might need to rework your website in order to boost your conversions.

We’ve already written on the key principles of web design you need to follow when creating your website. When you create a website that focuses on creating the best user experience possible and write web content that’s written with the target audience exactly in mind, you’ll find yourself gaining more and more business through it!

Finding yourself neglecting some of these top tips for your web design can leave your competition ahead of you due to them focusing on making their website the best it can be. The last thing we want is to miss out on any potential sales with these simple but effective website design methods.

Being website designers we’ve spent thousands of hours building websites for businesses and through trial & error understand how to create effective websites that boost conversions, we’ve put together these top ten tips to help you take your web design to the next level.

Plan Your Website Before Starting

Before you even start creating your website, it’s best to not just make it up as you go along. Planning your website beforehand can create an effective layout that is tailored to the services that you offer.

Getting inside your customers head can make you create the perfect customer journey that tackles any doubts & questions they may have in their mind so you can answer them as we want to make the experience as easy as possible for them.

Write down all the pages you are going to build on your site, what content you are going to write and what you can offer them. Creating an effective plan before you start your website can help create the perfect web design for your site.

Think of the quote – “Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.”

Always Use Social Proof

It goes without saying, people are swayed by reviews and customer stories about how a product or service has helped change their lives. 93% of potential buyers would read online reviews first before deciding to purchase a product or not.

Looking at reviews can help build well needed social proof before your business, it can help show potential viewers how your services can improve their everyday life, how you work and most importantly show that you are legit. Deciding what reviews you are going to put on your site can be hard as there’s a lot of ways you can build social proof such as written testimonials, video testimonials, pictures of people using your products and many more.

The most important thing is actually getting them on your site, always trying to get different types of testimonials for your business but just make sure that you are using social proof to increase your revenue.

Add Call-To-Action

Say you are searching for a potential service and you land on a website that looks great so you look to reach out to them and contact them but there are no ways you can create a point of contact. This can be so damaging to a website’s success and it’s such a simple technique.

You need to guide people into taking action on your website, add CTA’s (Call To Action) to point them in the right direction. Add buttons that allow potential clients to instantly ring you or bring them to a quote form where they can enter more details about the service they are looking for.

To improve the web design on your website, strategically place these effective Call To Actions around your site such as the top right of your navigation bar next to your main menu or at the end of certain sections of content so after they read the content they can easily click to contact you.

Make It Mobile Responsive

You’ll often find when searching online on your mobile that a lot of websites just don’t function whatsoever. We want to avoid this by any means necessary, a lot of browsing was done by desktop a few years ago but you’ll now notice how mobile dependent the world is now.

It’s now absolutely crucial that you are focusing effort on creating a website that’s easy to use on mobile for your users just as much as it is on desktop. Check how your website looks on mobile by using the mobile preview on whatever CMS you are using to create your website.

Remove Any Unnecessary Distractions

Don’t confuse your users with any unnecessary distractions before you publish your site, preview it for yourself and navigate through all the pages. Is there anything on your website that devalues the message you are trying to send for your business? Remove it immediately, you might find that you need something to fill a certain part of your website so you will add a bit that is completely unnecessary.

Remember that sometimes less is more. Some things that can be distracting to your users can be anything from your website filled with too many stock images which can look less legit, animation that is too big for your website causing it to be slow or content that is just too long.

Attention spans are now probably the shortest it’s ever been in human history due to the fast paced nature the world works at, there’s always more content to be consumed which could be more interesting then the one you’re providing people so make it clear from the get-go what your intentions are with potential clients and create web design that doesn’t distract them from your message.

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