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How Can A Website Help My Business Grow To New Heights

How Can A Website Help My Business Grow To New Heights

If you’ve started a business then you might be thinking about looking into getting a website to show off your business or you’ve been running a business for a long period time through referrals & word of mouth so think it’s time for you to establish an online presence through a website.

Regardless of being a small business or a large business with many employees, it should be mandatory for you in 2022 to have a website for people to look at your business. A professionally designed website can help grow your business and bring in potential life-long clients for you.

Having a website can be a very cost-effective method of gaining clients with very few downside benefits as we’ll go through in this article. 

We’ve put together our best reasons why you should stop putting off getting a website for your business and get one up-and-running today for people to start contacting you.

Shows All Information About Your Business

A website shows important information for potential clients to view such as contact information, when you are available to contact, shows images of your business whether you’re in the beauty sector or you are a tradesman shows work you’ve done and reviews people have left about your business which can help build lots of social proof.

The more social proof you have on your website, it’s more likely that people will not hesitate to reach out to you about your services as the word of mouth is a very powerful tool.

This will also save you a massive amount of time as you won’t have to be taking hour long phone calls explaining how your services work and how you operate as a business as they will already have all the information they need about the business on your website. 

Freeing up more time can mean you can spend more time on your business, more time with your family or even just more time for you to enjoy yourself!

Your Website Is Always Online

Having a website online means that people are always available to find you regardless of what time it currently is and what country they are in! Even if you are currently outside of your business hours, your website will always be working for you and gaining you new clients. 

It gives people the option to search you inside the comfort of their own home at their own pace, as most businesses in today’s time have a website available for people to search at any time. Not having one available for people to browse is allowing your competition to get ahead of you.

Show Up In Google Search

A big positive of being online is people are able to access your website when they search for services on google, if you are roofer people will search for ‘roofer (your area)’ on Google and most likely pick the one with a good website and reviews attached to it.

It’s very rare that people are going to look through a directory book in order to find a service, Google is now the world’s trust partner when it comes to finding services – 80% percent of people perform online researches before they make a decision, not showing up on Google search could kill any chance of you getting more clients.

When creating a website, you will need to make sure it is Search Engine Friendly for websites such as Google, Bing and even Yahoo. These can all acquire you leads when done correctly and if the SEO is done correctly and maintained over time, you will never have to worry about constantly looking for new clients as they will start to come to you.

It’s A High Return Of Investment

Now when a website is designed correctly and made in mind to be SEO friendly for Google, you will find that a website is a great return of investment. Now you might have got the idea that websites cost a lot to first get set-up and then maintain but that’s far from the truth.

Website companies such as The Wolf Of The Web offer to create your business a five-page website that’s fully desktop and mobile responsive for £500 and free hosting for a year! 

That means you’ll have the website for life for people to search and find you when looking for services on Google, you will quickly find that a website is a solid investment when growing your business.

According to The Guardian, 60% of small businesses inside the UK currently don’t have an online presence with a website, these are businesses that will suffer in the long-run by not investing in their business. Do you want to follow these businesses by stunting your growth or start taking your business up another level?

Won’t Have To Always Rely On Social Media

It’s no big secret that social media are the most viewed apps on people’s phones but think about the last time when you needed a service. Did you open your Instagram or Facebook to search for it or did you Google it? 

If you want to reach your target audience for your business, you have to think like them. If you have a website online for people to search, they are going to find the information that they are searching for.

Social media can also as well put restrictions on how you want people to perceive your business by algorithms that can hide your posts from people or only having a short character limit for people to read. There is no limit to what you can do with your websites such as you can create pages on your services that are 1000+ words long or you can write daily blogs to upload for people to read.

Final Thoughts

So with all these massively important points on why a website can help build and grow your business, it’s key that you move forward on getting your business online for potential clients to search for and showcase your services + gain more social proof which can only help in the long run.

Riley Williams

Riley Williams is the creative force behind The Wolf Of The Web! With over 100+ websites built across diverse sectors. I believe in crafting eye-catching websites that not only look amazing but also generate more calls, leads, and sales for your business.