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How Does Web Design Affect SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) On Your Website

How Does Web Design Affect SEO On Your Website

In the world wide web, things can often seem very complex. Understanding all aspects on where your business grow through your website can seem like a challenge with their being so many channels and different parts intertwining. A big example of this is web design and search engine optimisation or as it’s mostly known in short SEO which is using certain tactics to boost your site up search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. 

Improving your website on a regular is something that business should strive for whether that’d be adding new pages or blogging regularly to reach new audiences, SEO and website design are often so greatly intertwined that sometimes when it’s done correctly, users won’t even recognize when they are on your site.

Every business owner wants their website to show up on Google when people are searching for a specific service that they offer but not many know how web design helps this happen, read on to see why…

Why Does Website Design Affect SEO

A while back, SEO was a simpler time. People would create content that was mostly focused keywords. However nowadays it is not as simple as it once was due to the massive increase of people browsing the internet with new websites being created everytime, search engines like Google had to evolve to focus on giving the user the best experience when using their engines so they began crawling websites in order to fufill the searches needs and answer the questions they are looking for.

In todays time, search engines not only favour websites that are well designed but they demand it as they appreciate websites that are trying to give the user the best experience possible as they found the website through their search engine. 

That is not to say that keywords and content are not important as they still very are when it comes to SEO but that still ties into web design aswell. So let’s see the ways website design affect your businesses SEO.

Search Engines Favour Mobile Friendly Websites

If you are familiar with SEO and website design then you’ll know the big importance of creating a website that is completely mobile and tablet friendly. Not making your website mobile friendly is probably not only costing your business in terms of revenue but it also leaving you years behind your competitors. Web design makes sure that your websites are designed for not only desktop but fully mobile accessible.

Google came out in 2015 and made mobile-friendly websites a ranking factor so not doing this actually leaves you seven years behind as this was written in 2022 for anyone who is reading further into the future.

The number of people who have been using the search engine are actually not desktop users but most of the traffic that is coming online is actually through peoples mobile devices and that’s not surprising if you actually have a look around your surroundings with everyone glued to their phone screens. 

Not having a mobile friendly website means that technically you are ignoring half of your website visitors which should never happen ever. This is something that will also effect your bounce rate due to mobile users not being able to fully access your website which will alert Google.

Search Engines Favour Great Designed Websites

Search engines will be in harmony with humans so they are more likely to favour a website that users enjoy being on. If you have a website that is annoying and frustrating to users or a poorly designed website, Google will be less inclined to show it to users on their rankings. 

There are many factors that could make your website poorly designed whether that’d be ugly fonts, complex layouts, pop-ups and many more. Luckily this isn’t something you have to live with. There are many top web designer such as The Wolf Of The Web who can help create an attractive website for your business that focuses on being search engine friendly.

Search Engines Favour Websites That Load Quick

Google made it clear all the way back in 2010 that it favours websites that load quick. A massive part of web design is focusing on certain aspects on the website to make sure that it is quick to load and all pages are easily accessible when people are browsing through your site such as image sizes, correct-plugins and many more.

When you’ve clicked on your website, you might think to yourself that it isn’t bad and loads fairly quick but sometimes you could be looking at it in a bias way. Think of it as if you are user looking to browse your website, it should load in 2 seconds or under. Anything more and you run a massive risk of losing potential users plus Google not favouring your website.

Search Engines Favour Websites That Is Easy To Read

A big part of website design is focusing on the content that you are going put on the website. Many website designers have good knowledge today on writing content that is not only informative towards the user but making sure that they are placing keywords around the site that will get them ranking on Google.

A lot of people don’t actually realize how much effect web design has on the content on your site, if you do create content that reads good on paper it means nothing if it’s not well presented on your website. Having bad website design will make it very difficult to read the content on your website and lead to poor conversions as they will not do what they came to do.

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