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7 Things You Can Add To Build Trust On Your Website

7 Things You Can Add To Build Trust On Your Website

As a business, you need to build a certain level of trust between you and any potential prospects, you might find it easy face-to-face to be trustworthy but it’s even more important your online presence is trustworthy. You might wonder ‘how can I build trust on my website?’ Well there is major aspects that have to be on your website to build trust and there is some minor little parts we can add that you might not think make a different but it does!

Google not only favours these more trustworthy websites but when searching for services online potential users want to know if your website is safe, if your business is actually real and you can offer the services that they desire. Building a trustworthy website is crucial when it comes online success for your business.

It’s not only about being honest and empathic with your content, you need to show these potential prospects why they can trust doing business with you. Telling people that your trustworthy isn’t enough anymore, we are going to need to show them the ‘picture’ if they are going to be a future client or customer.

The Wolf Of The Web has created many business establish their online presence through web design and today we are going to share with you our ten things you can add to build trust on your website for your business.

Have A Secure Website

When you click on a website, you may notice in the top left corner on the search bar a padlock. If your website shows a padlock that is unlocked, your website isn’t secure. This shows that it’s unsafe for people to enter any personal information on your website as there is a high chance their information could be stolen.

If your running a business website that requires people to enter details such as their name, address and phone number. These are very personal details that people often don’t want shared, if they see your website isn’t secure there is a high chance they will exit the website.

We’ve written an article on why your website says not secure and how you can fix it.

Include Testimonial To Build Trust

People want to know how past experiences were for other customers. That’s why when people searching for a business prefer to click on a website when they see positive reviews on there Google My Business account.

Having a Google My Business can help you build trust before they even click on your website and you can even add the reviews you get on your website plus it helps you show up better on Google.

But it’s still very important that you post any sort of testimonials that you have received on your website. People will feel more safe using your services if people are saying good things about how the experience you provide is.

Have A Well Designed Website

We are told to never judge a book which in the real world and while it may be good advice. It unfortunately doesn’t work the same in the online world, if you have a website that’s outdated and isn’t desktop & mobile responsive.

It reflects how people perceive your business and if it looks cheap then people will assume that it’s a cheap service losing trust. Make sure your website is aesthetically appealing to people visiting to build trust.

If you have built your business website by yourself and feel you can’t take the design further then it may be time to reach out to a web design agency who can help craft you a professional looking website which can drive more revenue for your business. Avoiding to use a web designer could end up costing you time and money.

Avoid Poor Stock Photos

When people visit a website if they are greeted a bunch of stock photos of either people who don’t work for your business or of ‘customers’ users aren’t stupid and will sense a untrustworthy vibe through cheesy stockphotos.

Instead try to use any photos that show glimpses of how your business operates in real life and photos / videos of real customers using or talking about your services.

Offer A Guarantee

If you’ve built a great website and answered nearly every objection that a potential user has, they might still need that final push over the line and you can do that by offering a guarantee. People will feel more secure knowing that you have that much faith in your services that you are reducing the risk of them using it.

This is a great addition to have if you truly have faith in your business and the services you provide as most likely you won’t even have to refund your client as you’d of gave them a great experience.

Include Contact Information

It’s very important as a business that you provide as much contact information as possible. People will feel more trustworthy seeing a company address, hours available, phone number to contact and email if they ever need to reach out to you.

If you enter a business website and see no sign of a business address and contact information, there is a high chance you won’t use their services or in some cases it’s impossible to reach out to them forcing a user to leave your website.

Show Certifications & Awards

Many businesses have earnt certifications and awards that prove your business is the real deal. On your website you can add the awards and certifications you’ve reached so people entering can see what you’ve won and what your qualified to do.

Some qualification certifications take years to receive and people seeing something as simple as your certification can build instant trust as they know you are fully qualified to do the job without having to even look at reviews. 

Having awards you’ve won with your business shows that people have recognised the good work you’ve done and people will most likely want to reach out to you knowing your services are award winning!

Riley Williams

Riley Williams is the creative force behind The Wolf Of The Web! With over 100+ websites built across diverse sectors. I believe in crafting eye-catching websites that not only look amazing but also generate more calls, leads, and sales for your business.