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How To Create Consistency In Web Design And Why It’s Important

How To Create Consistency In Web Design And Why It’s Important

There are main aspects that you need to take in to account when creating a website, after all we want to create the best and most effective web design that we can. One of the most important and underrated aspects of website design is consistency and it’s something us web designers focus on heavily. Consistency is crucial when it comes to web design for people on your website because of a number of reasons such as it won’t confuse any people on your site by having various different designs that don’t represent your brand or business plus it helps solidify your business image as it’s consistent through out.

We’ve helped design websites for many businesses and many of them have asked why it’s so important to create consistency through the website and how web design can create it. This is why we’ve put together this article to help anyone who may be wanting to learn more information about consistency in website design.

One of the first things that may come to mind when thinking about consistency in website design is that it’s going to lead to a predictable ‘boring’ website which couldn’t be further from the actual truth. Getting your user experience right should be a key element in your website and not focusing on consistency could result in potential prospects leaving your website.

Consistency in your web design is creating a common user interface which appears across the site such as your company logo, header & footer navigation and page content appearing in the same pages across your site, this is to help people on your site know where stuff is so they can navigate it through without any hassle as the content they are looking for they will know where to look.

What Makes Consistency In A Website?

  • Website colours remain the same.
  • Spacing between content is the same size.
  • Heading and content font size is the same.
  • Header and footer navigation is on every page and not changed.
  • Logo is always in top left corner or in the middle.
  • Buttons are the same colour, size and font.

Why Is Consistency Important In Web Design?

Before a website designer sits down and starts building the website. They will first plan out the layout of the website to know exactly what the overall look of the site is going to be and what it’s going to consist of. This means everything from the chosen navigation, images, text, call-to-actions and many more. 

Having certain common elements around your website helps create consistency which means users on your website will spend less time confused on a page looking for something that was previously on another page and will be more engaged in reading plus looking at your content.

If you have a business website, it’s key that everything such as your colour scheme, fonts and graphics remain consisent throughout the site to reinforce your company image so you can leave a longer lasting impression on people who visit your website. 

These are some of the major important aspects on why consistency is important throughout your website such as…

Business Identity

If someone happens to visit your website and when they click on it, they are greeted with a bunch of different text, fonts and images that don’t represent your business then your company won’t be recognisable to them and you will lose identity for your business. If someone who is looking for a service such as a roofer, if they are browsing through a few websites just to build up an idea who they are going to call, it’s going to be very unlikely that’ll they’ll choose and remember the business that doesn’t have a consistent layout throughout.

Business identity is a number of things such as your logo, chosen font and colour scheme. People respond more positively when there is a sense of harmony and keeping consistency will create exactly that. Creating a cluttered website with a bunch of random ideas chucked together will lead them to believe that your website is extremely disorganised in the way it works and will most likely never reach out to you.

Easy Navigation

One of the key aspects of user experience or UX as it’s known in short is creating the most possible easy navigation system throughout your website. That means people can go from page to page without any fuss and know exactly where they are heading. The common places you will find page navigation is on the top at the header & people will place important pages on their footer aswell so once you have scrolled to the bottom of the website you can find your way to another page if you wish.

Navigation can change when people are browsing on a mobile so make sure when you are creating a website that is consistency that you check if it’s both desktop and mobile responsive.

Creates Simple Communication

Creating an easy point of contact as a business for any potential prospects should go without saying, if important information is hidden in random parts of your content then users on your website won’t know where to look as people are already probably on your website as they know what they are looking.

You should plan out where you are going to use bold writing inside your content and italic as these draw attention when used correctly but if they aren’t you will be drawing attention to content which doesn’t matter. Use these on stuff that is important that way people will know they need to look at it if they are all the same level of importance.

One mistake that web designers often make when creating websites for business is that they try and be too ‘clever’ and while they have made a website that probably looks good as a business we don’t want something that just looks good but we also want the website to work for us and drum up new business. Nail down consistency throughout your site and you won’t have to worry about people contacting you.

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