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How To Quickly Increase Your Website Traffic With These 5 Ideas

How To Quickly Increase Your Website Traffic With These 5 Ideas

One of the most asked questions to yourself as a business owner is ‘how am I going to drive more traffic through to my website.’ After-all the more traffic that you drive to your website the more revenue you are going to generate depending on if the conversion is good. Business owners spend a lot of time and money trying to generate more traffic to their website and sometimes it can be demoralising to see that your traffic count is either not growing or staying the same.

You must think of business as a marathon and not a sprint. There will be days where traffic can decline which can lead to panic and stress or there can be days where traffic is at an all time high, it’s key that you stay consistent whatever throughout these days if you want success online. We’ve written this article today for all business owners that are trying to get the first pair of eyeballs on their website or if your getting thousands visitors a day, these techniques will work regardless of the size of your business.

Be Active On Social Media Platforms

The first way you can drive traffic to your website and doesn’t cost you a single penny is being active on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Posting daily content such as behind the scenes, posts that provide value about your sector and reviews of your business will help people engage with your business.

You have the chance to put the link of your website in these social platforms and you can post links to articles or pages of your website which people can access. Active social media engagement will encourage followers of your business to interact with you forming stronger customer and client relationships.

Post Daily Blogs

People are always searching for new content to read. If you have a lot of knowledge about aspects in your industry, you can craft a schedule to write daily blogs & content answering most asked questions, topics on your sector and news on your business. Posting these blogs will not only drive traffic to your site but Google will see you as a leading authority in your business sector so there is a higher chance your website will rank top when it comes to people searching for your services.

If users enjoy reading your articles, they will share your article through their social media outlets which will drive even more people to see your website! Blog posts require a lot more attention in todays time compared to it years back when you could write up a quick piece, publish it and instantly rank. There are a lot of different aspects that you need to be perfecting when it comes to writing articles such as SEO friendly titles, minimum of 600+ words, links in content whether it’s to sources or other pages on your website.

Optimise Your Website For Search Engines

One of the most effective ways to draw constant traffic to your website organically is making sure you use SEO techniques to optimise your website so that it is search engine friendly on Google, Yahoo and even Bing as these all have millions of people searching for services everyday. 

There are many tips and tricks that come with SEO that takes months and even years to fully understand but it is a great skill to learn and it will only benefit your business growth. A quicker way you can make your website is completely SEO optimised is by reaching out to a website designer who has experience in making websites that rank on Google.

Work With Local And National Newspapers

Growing a business can be a hard road if your doing it alone. When you run a business, it certainly doesn’t hamper your chances of success by having a large network at your disposable. One handy connection to have is knowing people inside the press industry or people who work at the local newspaper.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to secure a free shoutout but some may allow you to write an featured expert article piece that way you provide them with value and in return you will get some exposure. You are able to reach out to them for a paid feature if you have the budget. This is a great way to draw traffic that is close to you and establish your business in the community.

Use Influencers To Promote Your Business

An approach that has been used for years but has got extremely popular now due to the massive rise of social media influencers across platforms. People enjoy using a business or purchasing a product if a big name they look up to recommend it. This will likely come with a costly price as some influencers can charge a big fee for certain amounts of posts and stories.

It’s best to find influencers that align with your business goals that means if your are in the tradesman business, find a page or person that is a big name in the sector that can promote your business. This way you will get the right clientele and traffic to your website, while it’s great getting high traffic on your site it is crucial that it is the right kind of traffic.


It’s simple, more eyes on your website more business for you. These five ways can help you start generating traffic to your site today. There are more ways such as paying for advertisements but can be a lot more costly. 

It’s best to plan out a marketing plan beforehand so you can focus on certain channels throughout the day so you aren’t running around trying to find new content on the day which can be confusing. Web designers will craft sites that focus on turning traffic into sales through conversion rate optimization as important traffic is for your site but generating revenue is just more important. CRO is turning traffic into sales which should be the next step in making a more complete website user experience.

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