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5 Quick Ways To Increase Your Websites Conversion Rates

Quick Ways To Increase Your Websites Conversion Rates

So you’ve managed to drive some fresh traffic to your website whether that’d be through advertisements, SEO or through your social media. You’ve checked your analytics and seen many new faces entering your site but there’s just one problem you’ve noticed… How come I’m not getting any new leads?

It can be annoying when website traffic doesn’t lead to more business after all you’ve done all the right things in gaining this traffic by posting content in all the right channels. You’ve arguably done the hardest part in driving traffic to your website but now it might be time to focus on looking at improving your conversion rates.

Your website should be leading them to taking action into becoming a new lead for you, they shouldn’t be turning and running as soon as they click on it. Sometimes people focus so much on the first step of getting traffic that they forget to put time into the second step which is creating a website that converts these visitors.

Many web design agencies focus on creating websites that emphasize on the CRO of your website, not only do we want our websites to look good but they need to work. It can look like a work of art but it means nothing if it isn’t generating new leads for businesses. 

What Is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

CRO is the action on creating a website that will enhance the overall design and the content that you create to see a growth in the amount of website visitors taking action of a desired action whether that’d be filling out a quote form, clicking a phone button and many more. 

Knowing what little changes to make to increase CRO can be tricky, a lot of testing goes on to find out what works best for your website. Checking your analytics through your site and getting visitors feedback can be a great way in determining what steps you need to take next in order to grow your CRO.

Find Out Your Overall Goal

Before you start making changes to your website to increase your website’s conversion rate, it’s key to understand what your overall goal is. Take a look at your analytics beforehand and make a goal on where you’d like to get your conversion rates.

Looking for more people to ring your business through your website? Then track how many users have clicked a call button on your site, measure it over time and make a goal that is reachable to work towards over time.

Let’s see five ways we can increase your website’s conversion rates!

Use CTA’s (Call To Action) Around Your Website

Having calls to actions around your website is something your site should definitely have and it’s one of the most important components of increasing your CRO. The main reason we say it’s important is because it gives a strong message to website visitors on the next steps to take. 

The call to action should be clear and invite the user to take action on clicking it. Example if you are a plumber that does a 24/7 call out service who focuses on getting people who are in an emergency to ring you up to sort it. You could have a button that says ‘Call Now At (Mobile Number)’ which once it rings. This allows people in a sudden emergency to quickly ring you.

Here are a couple of call to actions that could help you –

  • Quote Forms
  • Schedule An Appointment
  • Free Trial
  • Strong Buttons With Clear Message

Having a few of the same CTA’s around your site can be clearly identified and bring you many more new potential leads.

Killer Website Content Creation

Creating website content creation that can identify what your target audience and write for them can lead to a sudden increased CRO. Read over the content over your website as if you are looking for your service. Does it make you want to use your service?

Don’t make people lose attention on your website! Improving the content on your website could put you ahead of the competition, if you aren’t sure on how your content could be improved then look into these three main points.

  • Address any objections that potential visitors may have. 
  • If you have a guarantee on your services, include it.
  • Post any testimonials that you may have got from past clients.
  • Use powerful words that entice people to take action.

Make Sure Your Site Is Desktop & Mobile Responsive

Content and CTA’s are super important but it means nothing if when people click on your website that they can’t operate on it. When visitors land our site, it’s your job to make the experience as smooth and easy as possible for them. 

Making sure that your site is friendly for people on all devices is crucial. Taking time to plan out your site’s layout can lead to an increase in CRO as you can create a website that nudges visitors to take action. 

Pages that take too long to load can lead to a poor CRO, do a speed test of your website speed. If it’s slow, start looking into getting the speed up through eliminating large images on your website. Use Squoosh to lower the size of your image for quicker load times. 

What’s My Next Steps?

Now that you know some simple ways to increase your website’s CRO, you can start converting potential visitors into new clients in no time… Begin by checking your stats to see if you need any changes, set out a goal and start using these tricks on your site!

If you aren’t sure on the next steps for your business or you don’t have the time to do these changes on your site due to other commitments that you are currently doing then reach out to a web design agency such as The Wolf Of The Web who can take care of auditing your website to find ways to increase your CRO and implement changes ASAP.

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