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5 Big Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

Picture this, your website is live and all seems well people are visiting regularly but there is just one massive problem. They leave your website almost instantly or aren’t converting whether you want people to either use your business services, fill out a form, purchase a product or enter their email to sign up to your newsletter. 

Being web designers we see business owners talk about this problem far too often about how people are leaving their website and not converting, ignoring a problem like this could be costing your business hundreds. Websites aren’t as simple as ‘if you build it, they will come.’ like the old brick and mortar days, they require a lot of planning and a lot of factors go in to creating a website that can convert visitors into leads.

There is a lot of mistakes that can easily slip through people’s finger when creating a website, sometimes you can be left wondering what exactly is the mistake that’s causing people to leave your website, we’ve put together this article with the most common reasons why people exit websites so you can see if your site needs improving!

Why Do People Leave Your Website?

Let’s look through the reasons of why people leave your website…

Outdated Design

We are told to never judge a book by it’s cover but in web design, it’s often a massive part of it. People can judge your website in a matter of seconds whether it’s good or not. Users on your site will also judge your business based on what your website looks like and decide if you are credible or not.

Design matters, if your website looks like something that was created back in the 90’s then there is a high chance that they are going to leave your website and go over to a competitors who’s website is trendy and in-style.

How can you fix this? Reach out to a web design agency to revamp your old site to a new and better design or you can google what web design trends are in right now and craft your website around the new trends.

People Can’t Read Your Content Clearly

If you are running a business, the information on your website is crucial. People go on your website to learn more about how you operate and the services that you provide. Web design just doesn’t stop at the site’s design, colours and overall layout. Content is key when comes to creating a high-quality website.

You need to take into consideration font, font size, font colour and the background of which you are going to place text on. People need to be able to clearly read and digest the words on your site and it’s going to be impossible if you’ve chosen a font such as Comic Sans or your font size is 7px making it tiny.

Stick to a clean font with colour combination that works and don’t make it tiny! Sticking to a larger size font will give the user a better reading experience and you will end up converting more leads as people will understand your information & offers more.

No Call To Actions

If you’ve nailed the first two points that we spoke about in the blog, it can be annoying to see that your business website isn’t converting any new leads. A big reason for this is because your website lacks calls to actions for the user. 

A call-to-action is either a button such as ‘buy now’ or it could be a button that allows people to ring your business on your website and it can even be a sign-up form that people use to get a quote. It’s a way for you to get the user to do the desired effect on your website.

In your header, you can add a call-to-action and place them strategically around your content where you would like people to convert from. Having these easy well placed call-to-actions will mean you convert more users entering and won’t leave your website.

Site Speed Is Too Slow

A big reason why people leave websites is due to the speed pages load at. You could even run the risk of people leaving your website before they even get on the homepage. While some people suffer from having slow internet and will naturally blame your website as slow, you can check your site speed on websites such as GTmetrix.

This will tell you your sites performance and rank it plus give you feedback on what your site needs to improve on. The higher grade you get the more likely Google will favour your websites in the ranking.

Site speed can come down to a number of things – your image sizes are too big, animations, hosting servers and many more. Be sure to do regular checks on your site speed to maintain a quick website so people can easily enter plus navigate through your site without any annoying long loading times.

Your Site Isn’t Mobile Responsive

In todays time, people are in some ways ‘addicted’ to their phone and it’s no shock as you can do seemingly everything on your smartphones today whether that’d be scrolling through social media, crafting an email, playing a game and many more but one of the main things people do when getting out their phone is searching Google.

If someone isn’t near there desktop to search for something, they’ll take to there phone to quickly search and try find a website. Say they come across yours and they click on it, if it’s impossible to even navigate through, they will leave your website instantly so there is a lost user. If that happens regularly, the numbers will pile up fast and before you know it you’ve left so much money on the table you don’t even want to know.

When crafting a website, you have to make a website that also caters for mobile phone users as they now make up a lot of the traffic on the internet. Many website builders allow you to check what the website would look like on mobile before you publish it and you can even hide and add properties that you can only see on mobile giving better user experiences on both desktop & mobile.

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