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What Important Features Should A Business Website Have

What Important Features Should A Business Website Have

If you are looking to create and design a successful business website, there are many features plus aspects that you need to add in order to generate sales, calls and leads for your business. The good thing about these features is that they are universal meaning that these should help improve a business website in any sector. 

Many web design trends come and go but there are some that aren’t trends but more of a staple when it comes to website creation. As web designers we’ve helped businesses launch their first online website to revamping old websites to the next level, we make sure that we are always using these features to help them drive traffic and bring more conversions.

Here are the most important features that every business should have…

Clear Purpose & Aim

A simple but effective way you can ensure that your business website is a success is by having a clear purpose and aim when it comes to people reaching & navigating through your website. What do we mean by this? We come across many websites that make the mistake of not pre-planning goals beforehand.

When people reach your website, you should already have in mind the target audience. Content should be written for these users, they should know how you operate and your business mission. A big part of making sure your website doesn’t confuse any potential prospects is focusing on your websites layout, it should be easy to navigate through and guide the customer through a journey.

Business Email

When creating a website you will have a domain name for your business. This means you can create a business account email on whatever email provider you choose to go with. It’s important that you are using a business email compared to a normal gmail or outlook account.

The reason for this is because it creates a more trustworthy vibe when people enter your website as they are more likely to want to do business with a company that uses a professional email compared to a free account. Place this on the footers of your page and your contact us section so it can create an easy point of contact

Strong Brand Presence

A good way for small businesses to generate more revenue is by focusing on creating a strong brand presence when people enter your website. Look for a style or a tone that will set you apart from your competition, if your business website is generic then you are going to have a hard time leaving a long lasting impression compared to a website that is designed to fit your brand image.

Brand presence can be a lot of things from your logo, colour scheme, fonts and tone of your content which can help solidify your identity amongst users. A good way you can create a brand presence is to plan before you launch your website, make a list of all the qualities that you bring plus what can set you apart from the competition and what aesthetic you’d like the brand to portray. This way you won’t be aimlessly be creating your site leading to an uninspired website.

Use Powerful Call-To-Actions

Another simple feature but effective when done correctly is using call-to-actions around your website. A call to action is getting the user to take action to either go to another page, fill out a form or call your business.

It should tell the user what to do and you can also put what they are going to receive by clicking the button e.g. ‘Get Our Free Marketing Plan.’ make sure to take care on placing these around your content, they should be strategically placed. 

Having too many can bombard users and make them leave your website. Finding the correct balance with them will be able to boost your conversion rate.

There are many aspects of website that could slow down your pages everything from hosting to plugins so it’s best if you do an indepth search to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Make It Mobile Compatible

Half of all traffic that comes online is now through mobile devices, websites that aren’t compatible across all devices are basically neglecting 50% of your audience which let’s be honest is bad for business. One of the main aspects of a good user experience is making sure that it is responsive on desktop and mobile.

Every great web design agency should be able to craft you a site that works on all devices but if you are creating your website by yourself, a lot of website builders will allow you to see what your website will look like on mobile. Always check before publishing your site.

Google a few years back said they are starting to favour mobile-friendly websites more then ones that aren’t. That means that you are more likely to show up on Google for when people are searching for your services which means you will gain more organic traffic.

Analytics Tools

You should definitely have analytics tools to be able to see how effective your website is for when people enter your site. Connecting your website to these sites, you’ll be able to see what your must successful pages and where people are viewing your website form.

You can also create goals and targets based on these stats such as which pages you want traffic to improve on and where possibly needs changing to help boost up conversion rates. If you use WordPress, you will be able to install plugins that will allow you to track the traffic on your website.

Reviews & Testimonials

The most solid way to build up social proof for your business on your website is adding reviews & testimonials that you’ve gotten over time. You will need to test on which works best for your website as many businesses will upload video testimonials from people which normally convert higher due to people being able to see a real face behind the review.

You’ll be able to gather reviews for your business aswell if you create a Google MyBusiness, you will show up for when people search for your business online via Google Maps and the search. One of best features about it you’ll be able to collect reviews from people that you have served.

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