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Why Is The Layout Of A Website Important To Users

Why Is The Layout Of A Website Important To Users

There’s many different parts that make up a successful website that’s effective and converts potential users into customers, clients or even readers. Websites should be full of readable content that is also SEO friendly, titles that grip the reader, images and many more. 

However all of these features would be useless if the layout on the website isn’t working correctly making your site completely futile to any potential visitors.

Understanding how web design works can be a complicated task with there being so many moving parts that are needed to create a successful website, one of the biggest unspoken parts of creating a site that works correctly.

Before understanding how important the layout is to users, we’ll first need to understand the purpose of focusing on website layouts.

What Is The Purpose Of Website Layout?

The major purpose of website layout is pretty straightforward, it’s to create an arrangement that improves the content on your website whether that’d be text, images, CTA’s and many more.

Before you sit down to create a website, you will have a layout in mind in how you want the website to function. Each page should flow easily to the next page and each section should be easy for readers to understand, the last thing you want is for people to be confused by information that you’ve posted.

Why You Should Focus On Your Website Layout

One of the most important ways to convert any site that your traffic gets is making sure that the pages layout on your website is modern, clean and easy-to-navigate through. A website layout that’s created by a professional web design company can give you a site that’s designed that’s tailored to your business or personal profile.

It’s crucial that content that’s on your website isn’t hard to find or even worse can’t read and digest the information correctly. 

Focusing on the layout of your site can benefit many things such as:

Increased User Experience

A clean layout improves the website experience for people visiting your website, this is known as ‘user experience.’ If you are running a business, we’ve put together this article on why it’s important you have a website up and running for people to visit.

Focusing on user experience for a business can lead to more conversion which leads to more added revenue for your company and more company can lead to more growth. It’s a win-win situation for all those involved!

Without a planned layout that works, users could end up becoming frustrated on your website and end up exiting it. Not focusing on user experience can also affect your rankings in Google searches.

Makes Content Readable

Putting your created content inside a layout on your website, instead of just putting text on a giant wall. It makes it more readable for people on your website. 

With a layout as well, you can begin to pair your text with visual images that represent your business or personal profile to enhance the quality of your site even more.

In today’s time, it’s vital that the content you are creating on your website is SEO friendly. There’s never been a more competitive time online with people finding more and more tricks in order for their website to be top when people are searching for a service.

Through focusing on organic search visitors through web design, you will begin to start seeing a rise in new people on your website daily. 

Improves Design Of Website

Having a professionally designed website with layouts that have been thought out will increase the website visually. A site that is visually pleasing to people visiting will leave a good lasting impression and can bring in many return visitors.

High-quality websites will have a layout that makes it stand-out especially if you are running a business. Having a website that looks unprofessional can leave a bad lasting impression of being unprofessional and as a business owner we want our establishments to come across as professional and serious.

The design is very important on a website as it can make you different from the competition, if you are using a website builder that is limited to only so many templates and themes then you run the risk of losing potential clients and using website builders can also limit what you can do with layouts.

It can give a better weight and importance on the pages of your web design focusing on layouts because it can create a consistent look throughout which will establish your image to visitors.

Reasons To Choose Wolf Of The Web

If web design still seems like a long-road and you are struggling to get your website online. The Wolf Of The Web has helped many businesses establish their online presence by creating tailored web design in order to increase business.

There’s a number of reasons you should choose and trust us with your website layout:

  • We know how important first impressions are in business, when someone is searching for your website and they come across your site the first time they look at your site it needs to be professional with digestible content ready to read.

  • Our expertise allows us to connect with our clients from all backgrounds from tradesmen to beauticians. Knowing exactly what your target audience is we can begin to start creating a website that’s tailored to your business.

  • If you’ve built your website by yourself, you will have to run maintenance all by yourself which can be annoying especially if you are trying to run a business in the meantime, when we’ve built your website you can leave the maintenance up to us while you focus on what you’re good at.

Web design and web page layouts are very important when it comes down to the success of your website. We’ll make sure you have a website that’s great to look at, easy to navigate through and researching & creating content that is informative to your target audience.

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Riley Williams is the creative force behind The Wolf Of The Web! With over 100+ websites built across diverse sectors. I believe in crafting eye-catching websites that not only look amazing but also generate more calls, leads, and sales for your business.