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Why You Need Market Research For A Successful Website Design

Why You Need Market Research For A Successful Website Design

When you think about success in website design, you think of a beautiful attractive completed website but what many people don’t realise how crucial market research is in creating a successful site for your business, blog or eCommerce store. While layout and design is obviously important when it comes to website creation but we’ve written this article to highlight why it’s key that beforehand that you coordinate a market research plan so you are able to create a website that fits the brand audience while keeping the business identity. Avoiding this could be a fatal mistake in your web design process.

The main reason why web designers conduct market research is they are able to see the people that visiting your website so that they can create the site suited to the audience e.g. if you are creating a site that is mainly focused on reaching the older audience. You are going to focus heavily on a design that an older audience can use and it allows you to create website content that potential users will resonate with and engage with. 

The saying the customer is always right, while may not be true in some cases. You still need to be striving to hit the target and needs of the customer. The only way you’ll be able to do this is through understanding the minds of your audience. It will also save you a lot of time, the reason why it will save you time when it comes to web creation you won’t be scratch your head wondering what to write but you’ll know how to execute content plus design in an effective manner as you’ve researched plus planned out before what is working in your business sector.

This stage may not have get the attention of importance as some aspect when it comes to creating a successful website but as web designers, we have are constantly having to step into the shoes of businesses from all sectors and successful market research allows us to do that with ease. Aligning yourself with the goals of either your business or a client is one way you can guarantee results plus creating the best user experience possible on your website.

Create A Customer Journey

Before you start to create a website before you even attempt to start the design. You first must have in mind what the ideal customer is in your business sector and ones you expect to visit your site. Customer journeys should always be mapped beforehand. You must not only consider the customer but the side of the client your currently working with or your business. How would you like your potential prospects to interact with your website, what offers you can display, ways to get your website seen such as paid advertising and which you’d like to focus on. 

Customer journeys are often a lot less complex then planning out the journey of your business in terms of growth. In a simple way of describing our role is think of yourself as a tour guide and you are instructing the customer on where to go. Finding the perfect chemistry between these two will be absolutely key in the process of making your website such as it’s design, navigation and layout. If you are creating a website for a client, discuss with them the goals of their site plus any information that may help you create a better experience for their potential customers.

Allows You To Write Better Content

Part of web design is writing content, market research allows us to look at websites inside your niche that are currently doing successful, the painpoints of the audience and you can write what will engage people visiting your site while giving writing it in your brands tone whether you are a business that likes to incorporate humor or you want a more serious straight to the point tone. You’ll be able to know how to write it in a way that suits your target audience.

Content creation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to web design as when done correctly you can drive a lot more conversions through your site plus if it is focused on showing up on Google, you will be able to generate leads organically everyday.

Understand Your Competition

Many people are too proud to want to see what their competition is doing in terms of business as they like to think they are just focusing on themselves and growing the business not looking at how other businesses are doing but it’s very important if you want to be the top of your business sector that you understand your competition. Being able to see what the most successful businesses around you are currently doing will give you a much better understanding of what offers are working for companies like yourself then you can create an improved offer.

An underrated way you can understand competition is to look through reviews that people have left on Yelp or Google, this way you are able to see what customers are actually saying and gives a better insight to see what they like plus seeing what they dislike.

Future Growth

Businesses that conduct very indepth market research will even be able to have a better idea on potential business growth later down the line. How they are able to do these type of predictions is through customer behaviour data, what current trends are and any forecasts. Many of these sources offers a gold-mine of information that you can use to create a successful engaging website design.

Reach Out To Website Designers

The best solution if you are looking to save yourself a whole lot of hassle in creating your website is reaching out to a website designer near you or one with positive reviews to help create your site. By contacting a web designer you are able to explain to them what you are looking your website to be, how you want it to look plus they can even add recommendations from experience of creating websites to help improve it even more.

There is a common misconception that using a web designer will leave you out of pocket by thousands just for a simple website but that is not the case with such web designers like The Wolf Of The Web who help create high-quality businesses websites an affordable price with no hidden fees.

If you are looking for a big project, the best option is for you to contact a web designer to build the website so you can focus on more important things that you are good at.


Conducting web design market research can be a very time consuming task especially if you are trying to run other aspects of your business. By reaching out to a web design agency such as The Wolf Of The Web, we are able to focus on creating a successful market research campaign on your business sector that allows us to create a website that is heavily focused on driving conversions & revenue while looking attractive on the eye.

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