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4 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

There has been a vast number of websites created in the world since the creation of the world wide web, over 1.5 billion for a matter of fact. That means there’s a range of options that you can create your website on. 

Creating your site on WordPress or you could hire top WordPress Web Designers and that means you can get a high-quality website even if you are running on a shoestring budget or you’ve got a large budget to splash, WordPress is your best bet for creating a site.

What Exactly Is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows you to build a website that’s desktop and mobile responsive while creating your design and web content with ease making it a user-friendly online platform from beginners to experts.

WordPress is free for people wanting to host a website on WordPress making it a very popular option amongst web designers especially for the websites you can create with it as well.

It’s popularity has reigned supreme in the online world as businesses from all sizes to start-up to multinational corporations hosting their business website on. Here’s why we believe WordPress is the best CMS out there and why you should avoid CMS such as Squarespace.

It’s Flexible

It’s hard to think now that WordPress was created as a blogging platform for people but due to its amazing flexibility it’s grown into the largest and most used CMS in the world by web designers across the globe.

When you’ve installed WordPress for your website, you’ll notice that you can choose from a massive range of free pre-made themes for your website. This gives you a big amount of freedom as once you’ve chosen a theme you can customize it however you want to suit the style you are going for.

Another reason why WordPress is flexible is thanks to its brilliant plugin feature. These plugins can help extend the functionality of your site depending on what plugin you decide to activate. If you wish to create an online store section for your site, you can install WooCommerce.

If you are familiar with using HTML or CSS because WordPress is an open source platform you can customize your website theme or plugins to further improve your site to what your heart desires.

Will Save You Time And Money

Everyone loves saving money but what’s one thing money can’t buy? That’s time! With WordPress websites can be created and online in quick time depending on how much effort you decide on your website. 

WordPress plugins as we previously spoke about can help you cut a lot of time off certain tasks as they can help streamline the tasks with automatization to save you time throughout the day and if you are running a business you can focus that saved time on growing your business to new levels!

While saving you time, using WordPress as your CMS can help save you hundreds as it’s quite possibly the most affordable option on the market. Being the most affordable doesn’t mean that it’s ‘cheap’ as you might think. You will need to pay hosting fees to your server hosting provider plus your domain name for your site and that’s it. 

You don’t get charged by WordPress for monthly fees as certain website builders do as WordPress is a free CMS and it even comes with free lifetime upgrades on the platform so it’s constantly evolving to a better platform than it already is! 

Building your website WordPress can help you save time for yourself and keep some money in your pocket!

It’s SEO-Friendly

Search engine optimization or as it’s known for short in the online world SEO is absolutely crucial when it comes to getting eyes on your website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing! Creating a website that’s SEO friendly can help boost visitors to your site on a monthly basis.

SEO can be hard and take a lot of your time if you’ve had no experience doing it. You can get a helping hand on your SEO on WordPress thanks to it’s free plugins such as Rank Math or Yoast SEO downloading these plugins for your website will help boost & speed up your SEO process as they offer suggestions with your pages on ways to increase it and it gives you a step-by-step guide when downloaded to help you use it.


Back in the day, you’d have to be a coding expert spending hours on hours building a website to make it live. These days are long gone, you can build a better and effective site through WordPress than you can by coding.

You’ll probably need some knowledge on being computer savvy and knowledge on the internet to get your site live using WordPress but you don’t have to be a fully fledged qualified expert to get your website online. 

WordPress was created to be easily installed in a quick fashion and something that’s easily manageable to all people. There’s many guides that you can read online that can help you understand WordPress more and the more knowledge you gain on the subject, the more you can create high-quality websites effectively.


With speedy loading times, high security, time & cost effective and easy to manage. It’s obvious to see why WordPress websites are getting more popular by the year. It even has a massive community online and you can check out the forum where millions of people talk everyday about WordPress and can help answer any questions you may have on getting your website up and running!

Ditch website builders that charge you by the month to run with cookie cutter websites that is unoriginal and install WordPress today to build a website that’s SEO friendly with a top design to get ahead of your competition.

If you’ve been looking to get your business online through WordPress, here at Wolf Of The Web we are WordPress experts and have helped many business owners establish their online presence through nonsense tailored websites that are affordable and high in quality.

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