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What Is Content Creation And Why It Helps Your Website 

What Is Content Creation And Why It Helps Your Website

Content creation is a very time-demanding task especially if you want to get it right. As a marketer a lot of our day is planning out content for websites, blogs and social media. Creating amazing content is one of the best ways you can connect & engage with your audience which can lead to increased revenue!

Being web designers, websites are our bread and butter, we know exactly how important it is to be creating content that will grip visitors on your site but content that is search-engine friendly on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

What Is Content Creation?

Content creation begins with finding what topic you will be writing about, start researching on the topic, decide on how you want the content to sound whether it’d be informative, hard sell etc, creating a strategy and finally producing it.

It’s key when creating content to be reading it back as there could be some information that you missed, typos and many more. Run it through a grammar checker such as Grammarly to pick up on mistakes. If you are working with a team you can even send it to them to pick up a second opinion on where it needs to improve.

As content can take many forms – not every strategy will be the same. Some examples of content can be Youtube videos, blog posts, web pages, social media posts and many more. You aren’t going to create a strategy for a web page that’s the same as a social media post. Doing content creation well can truly impact your business in a positive way as people are more likely to reach out to you if your content is informative and easy to digest.

How Can Website Content Creation Help?

Creating high quality content for your website can result in more potential leads and higher conversions from people visiting your site.

It’s not always easy to start creating website content that is successful right away, it takes a lot of writing, testing and trying to see success. It’s very rare you see overnight successes in the online word especially when business has never been more competitive online.

But sticking at it and learning as you go along will really help your business grow but as we said before it can take up a lot of time so a lot of business owners such as beauticians outsource their website pages to experts such as The Wolf Of The Web due to their advanced experience in the field of content creation for websites while they focus on doing what they do well.

Here’s some amazing benefits website content creation can do for you:

  • It will create a voice for your company, now what does that mean? Having a distinguished voice is when people will memorise your business through content. An example is when you search through Twitter you’ll notice adverts, I bet you could remove the username and picture from the tweet and you’d still know which business is advertising. This is because they’ve built up a reputation over the years. If you want your website to come across friendly and playful, you might include jokes in your content.

  • Website content creation is often known more as a science today than an art, the big reason for this? Businesses today need and want traffic coming through to their websites and social media can only do so much in terms of traffic so we have to make sure websites are increasing our search engine rankings.

  • Creating a website that has a strong call-to-action can increase conversions for your business, content should flow easily and should be easily readable to the potential clients which ends in a CTA. 

But how can I generate website content creation ideas?

How To Never Run Out Of Content Creation Ideas

Over time we’ve found many ways we can create successful content for our clients websites, we’ve found these ways help us never run out of content creation ideas. Putting these ideas to work means you can constantly pump out content that is informative and fresh to your audience!

Keyword Research – This is a tactic used by marketers to find potential ways to be seen on Google, there’s many different keywords in whatever your niche is and finding them can help create fresh content that is beneficial to your website. Writing about several topics in your niche can lead you to being seen as the authority by Google meaning you are more likely to show up to people searching.

Audience Research – A classic way which never fails is putting yourself inside the shoes of the person you are writing content for, building an audience profile means you’ll be able to understand why someone is searching for your content and you’ll know exactly how to speak to them. A good way to find content is to find sites such as Quora where people post questions about subjects to find more information. Finding questions in your niche means you’ll be able to answer these questions through content.

Speak To Your Customers – A way that you can find more content to create is ask any customers that you’ve dealt with for feedback. There’s always many unanswered questions that you might not know about your products or service and asking your customers can help find them. This can also help you build up good relationships with clients as they’ll be happy to hear that you are asking for feedback to improve your business.

Check Out The Competition – Before we start on this subject, it’s key that we get out the way that there’s nothing wrong with seeing what your competition is doing. If there’s a business that’s doing well, study what they’re doing well, study their content and don’t straight up copy it but you’ll get an idea on where you are struggling. Once you’ve found inspiration, differentiate it with putting it in your brand tone and approach plus whether you’ve found holes in their content you can improve on it.

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